Focus on Excellence and Integrity within the Aerospace Industry
ATAD specializes in both the engineering and certification of aircraft. A number of our team members are DERs and as such are delegated and entrusted to act on behalf of the FAA. As a member of the aerospace industry we take our responsibility for excelence and safety with seriousness and dedication.

ATAD was started in the Great Lakes region in 1998 and has been in continuous operation since. ATAD has a high percentage of team members that are very specialized and highly credentialed such as DERs, SMEs, P.E.'s, PhD's as well as other specialized resources. We bring a high level of expertise, capability, and professionalism to the programs we support.

Full PLM Experience and Expertise
With many years of experience within the aerospace industry we have extensive knowledge which spans the full product lifecycle. Whether using a gated process or blazing new trails we can support from the earliest concept phases through development, qualification and certification testing, type certification, production support, field support, amended type certification or supplemental type certification, and aging fleet support or aftermarket.

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