One of ATAD's core activities is support and approval of type designs for certification projects. We help applicants with the "showing" and "finding" of compliance where delegated by the FAA. Our Consultant DERs bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and insight on certification requirements and can be a valuable asset to the program long before certification testing and approval submittals begin. This includes existing or past certification basis projects as well as keeping tabs on trends and changes that might affect programs in the early stages. This can help clients be prepared for the changes anticipated in the coming years. Our specialty areas are Mechanical Systems, Powerplant Installations, and Structures. ATAD supports work on Electrical Systems, Aerodynamics, System Safety, and the increasing emphasis on design assurance aspects to support a complete certification effort. Additionally we support required work and preparation of Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA), as well as other manuals such as Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) Maintenance Manual (MM), and more.

Whether preparing Certification Plans, Compliance Reports, issuing Requests for Conformity, Test Plans, Test Reports, TIA's, witnessing testing and approval of the needed type data, we are experienced in the complete process for certification.  ATAD has the FAA delegated experts to help.  ATAD is experienced in STCs and supporting data approvals for Major Alterations and Repairs (Form 337 Field Approvals).

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