Turn Key Engineering, Certification, & Manufacturing

Transport Category Product Improvement


In some examples we have reducing customers expected schedule by as much as 15-20 months.  We used our engineering and certification experience and worked closely with the FAA to ensure we have the most efficient path towards certification.  This helps our customers saved considerable cost on the efforts while delivering considerable benefits and schedule improvements.  In the same example, once certified, we stepped in and helped the customer by producing the needed parts, provided the parts as a kit, including all the needed installation instructions.  We cut their time from 12 weeks to procure parts down to just 2 weeks.

Decades of Aerospace Industry Experience

New Aircraft Development Project


In one program we were contacted and asked to step-in to help rescue a program in trouble.  After years of bad designs, failed tests, and bad leadership, ATAD stepped in and in just a few months began producing sound designs, coordinating multiple disciplines, completing requirements and engineering.  We used our program management experience to put in place company policies and procedures to guide work towards a consistent and predictable outcome.  We used our certification experience to start early efforts for ensuring designs and data generation met FAA certification requirements.  ATAD took on well over 50% of of the engineering and the program moved forward further in a couple months than had in years.

Special Missions for Military and Special Operators

Aircraft Customization


ATAD has worked a number of special missions and military programs.  From modifying existing fixed wing or rotor craft for use in special missions to supporting new or sustaining military programs.  Contact us today to see how we can help with Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Project Management & Organization, Drafting & Design, Documentation, Requirements Generation and Tracking, Experimental/Prototype Part, Production/Manufacturing, and more.