One of the advantages of having worked on over 37 different models of aircraft and experiencing the complete product lifecycle is a sound understanding of program management. Program managers today need practical experience to understand a strong program plan. ATAD has considerable expertise in program management and can help when trying to make sense of the complexity of aerospace programs. Indeed, in today's environment cost and schedule performance is critical to success. We strive to make every program successful, on-time, and on or under budget. Our understanding of the complete product life cycle allows integration of best practices and supports strong requirements development to aid with smooth and predictable program progress.

Whether you have an established and proven gated process or require starting processes from scratch, we can help with your efforts and provide industry best practices advice and input where needed. We support efforts as a turn key system provider, by integrating into an established PMO, or by simply providing efficiency as we manage our assigned work and areas.

We are also on the forefront of design assurance and offer strong "Systems Engineering" support. With the changing regulatory environment we can help prepare your program for the changes implemented by the FAA with AC 20-174 to help ensure impacts can be minimized when understood and planned for up front. ATAD's founder is an active SAE S-18 Committee member and has been actively involved with early efforts and the resulting national policy which invokes and uses SAE's ARP 4754A and the interdependent ARP 4761.

Let us help you assure a strong and success oriented program plan today!

Program Management